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English 365 Level 2 Teacher's Book Download [March-2022]




English 365 teacher's book on english 365 English 365 Teachers Book 2 Bob Dignen Simon Sweeney Matt Smelt Webb Steve Flinders Category:Books about education Category:Linguistic researchQ: Apache Lucene not returning true I'm trying to get Lucene to work, it doesn't return any value. It is supposed to return a value if "foo" is inside my content, else it returns false. It returns false, even though I type foo inside the content in my browser. I used example code from public class TestLucene extends GenericTestCase { private String dirName = "."; @Test public void testGetCount() throws Exception { DirectoryReader r = File(dirName)); IndexSearcher s = new IndexSearcher(r); TopDocs hits =, 10); System.out.println("results: " + hits.totalHits); assertEquals(hits.totalHits, 100); SearchHit[] hits2 = hits.getHits(); assertNotNull(hits2); System.out.println(" [" + hits2[0].score + "] [" + hits2[0].doc + "]"); } } What am I doing wrong? A: If your index is empty, it will search for foo using "", which is a default search string that returns all documents, no matter what the contents of the document. You probably want to add something like: IndexReader ir =; IndexSearcher s = new IndexSearcher(ir); s.setSearchScale(SearchScale.NUMERIC); s.setQueryParser(new QueryParser(new QueryParser() { @Override protected Analyzer getDefaultAnalyzer() {





English 365 Level 2 Teacher's Book Download [March-2022]

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